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Naruto deviations!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 8, 2012, 6:45 PM

Hi! Recently, I have received a few notes and comments asking for my Naruto deviations.
Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tayuya and Kin were deleted from dA.

Many ask for other place to view them, and I always reply more or less the same line:
"Search for them in the net. I submitted them on my pixiv account "maigleco"… ,
someone uploaded them to gelbooru, etc. "

Good luck! ^___^ XD

Dead Hard Disk! T__T

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 21, 2011, 4:23 PM

*First, pay attention and look that shiny new button over this sentence!*  

Well, almost 2 days ago, the hard drive of my notebook died for no reason...
So, no deviation this week. Sorry. T__T

I think that many things got backed up (Back up your hard disk!!),
but many late things are gone. I backed up two or three months ago.


To top it off, in the same day some of my Naruto deviations got deleted. lol
I have seen far worse deviations over dA, but mine got deleted!
I really don't get it. XD

Anyway, they are already being spread over the internet... lol


Journal Entry: Fri Oct 14, 2011, 6:24 PM
Well, here is a list of prices.
Keep in mind that all the prices from below are only REFERENTIAL!
Finally, all depends on the freedom that you give me. Difficult poses or details, could
cost more. But if you give more freedom, it can be cheaper too.

Here, a reference pricing list, so you can get an idea.

LINEART + COLOR (Single character)

1/2 Body : $20 USD
  +Add Character 1/2 Body : + $10 USD

Mature Content

Princess Zelda by Maigleco
Misty - Cerulean Gym Leader by Maigleco

Mature Content

Anko - Senei Jashuu by Maigleco

Full Body : $30 USD
+Add Character Full Body : + $15 USD
Fly Away Now - PSG by Maigleco Temari - Sand Siblings by Maigleco Angel - Chain Moves by Maigleco

Mature Content

Princess Determination by Maigleco
I'm not afraid anymore mummy. by Maigleco Snivy by Maigleco



If you want a specific pose or outfit (or anything extra to the character), or a specific point of view,
it could raise the price, depending on the difficulty, detail or extra time that could it take.
But you know, at the end, everything is negotibale.


It can be transparent empty, or flat colors, shapes, with texts or not, for free.
Detailed backgrounds will have an additional price.


There is no problem with topless, or implicit nudity (with some kind of "convenient censoring").
But, if you want directly Hentai (full naked and beyond), it can be too.
If I can't submit the image to dA due to the policy, the commission will have an additional price.

Simple Rules:
                        - No LOLICON , No FURRY, No men (or their parts).
- No FUTANARI, No transgender, No "Really impossible chest size".
- No GURO (violence, mutilations, death), no "really weird fetishes".


FIFO Rule!!

If you are the first in pay, you are the first in receive your commission.

PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers
Payments are only done through PAYPAL service.
The payment is due up front, full payment, except for some special cases.

"A full payment due up front, a delivery date due up front!"

-You send me a note, trying to include every detail about your request.
-I'll ask you for further details. Or I'll respond if I accept, giving you a quote, or decline the job.
-After agreeing with the quote, I send you the details to pay. Full payment due up front.
-Receiving payment, I'll give a confirmation of this and start working.
-If you ask for it, I will give you some previews while I'm working on your request.
-At the delivery date (or before) I will send you your commission via email.

*Thanks to all who asked for this. If needed, I'll add more details in the future.*

FIRST JOURNAL : Starting again!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 22, 2011, 9:23 AM

After some discussions because of my old username, I wanted to start again with a new account.
I'll be moving some of my old deviations to here in the next days.

Here I go!!